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GP Health Guide
The G.P. Health Guide aims to improve the nation’s health by saving the G.P.'s precious time and guiding consumers towards more informative and healthier lifestyle.
G.P. Health Guide Newsletter
Launching in September 2013 G.P. Health Guide Monthly Newsletter. Sent Monthly to over 60% of households in over 85 areas. Find out more.
Children & Road Safety Magazine
Children & Road Safety Magazine is a new publication from Macro Media UK, which aims to educate parents and children about safety on the roads.
Green & Healthy Magazine
This glossy A4 Magazine “Green & Healthy” is packed with topical and relevant articles, including editorials from government
bodies, institutions & associations, to help guide its audience towards a healthier & Greener lifestyle.
Woman, Mother & Baby
 Woman, Mother & Baby is an A4 glossy magazine distributed FREE, aiming to improve the wellbeing and lifestyle of its targeted audience.
Essential London Guide
 New on the streets is Essential London Guide and its award winning interactive website aiming to promote London to all visitors.
Essential Health Watch Guide
 Available FREE from selected supermarkets with features and editorials from professionals, Charities and authorative contibutors.
Hospital Health Watch Guide
 Delivering expert advice from leading medical professionals, Charities and other authorative contibutors.


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